m0leCon 2021 is the third edition of the computer security conference organized by the student team pwnthem0le in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino. The aim is to bring together hackers, security experts, and IT specialists from different backgrounds and skill levels. The conference will feature a variety of talks and presentations, mostly focused on various aspects of offensive security; it will be completely free of charge and entirely held in English.

This year's edition will take place on December 4 from 10:00AM at Politecnico di Torino, Aula Magna "Giovanni Agnelli". The entry for the attendees is Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Torino.


Thursday, December 2nd

  • Start of m0leCon CTF

Friday, December 3rd

  • Start of m0leCon beginner CTF

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  • End of m0leCon beginner CTF

  • End of m0leCon CTF


m0lecon CTF

The main CTF is aimed to experienced CTF teams and will be played on-site. This CTF will be limited to pre-qualified teams from m0leCon Teaser CTF 2021 and teams of conference attendees that requested to partecipate. At the moment registrations are closed due to reaching the maximum capacity of the rooms.

The prizes for the top 3 teams will be:

  • 1st: €1500
  • 2nd: €500
  • 3rd: €250

Here is the list of the currently participating teams:

  • AlPray
  • Bushwhackers
  • C4T BuT S4D
  • CeSeNA_Ulisse
  • c0r3dump
  • fibonhack
  • Kalmarunionen
  • K!nd4r00t
  • NoPwnIntended
  • PGiatasti
  • srdnlen
  • Tower of Hanoi
  • vubar
  • WreckTheLine

Watch the live scoreboard of the CTF.

m0lecon beginner CTF

The beginner CTF is aimed to students and newcomers, with very easy to mid-level challenges.
It will be fully online on Friday December 3rd, and open to an unlimited number of teams of at most 4 people.

Top 3 student teams from Politecnico di Torino will receive the possibility to freely participate to the cybersecurity courses offered by our sponsor "aizoOn" and will be awarded during the m0leCon conference on December 4th.
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