Enrico Barberis Ph.D. student @ VUSec Amsterdam

Enrico is a Ph.D. student at the System Security Group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUSec). His current research focuses on microarchitectural attacks and all intrinsics threats introduced by hardware design flaws.

Talk: Rage Against The Machine Clear

Alberto Battistello Senior Security Engineer @ Security Pattern

Alberto Battistello worked for more than 10 years in the smart card industry, evaluating the physical security of smart card products like payment cards, sim cards, secure elements, passports, and so on. Alberto worked mainly on security evaluation of embedded systems against side-channel and fault attacks, development of attack tools and countermeasures. He holds a Ph.d from University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France). He was lecturer at the University of Bordeaux for the course of SmartCard security from 2013 to 2019, and is co-author of 8 scientific papers and is co-author of 10 registered patents. While not testing the security of products, Alberto loves to experiment with new technologies to attack and break things down.

Talk: Low cost fault injection

Luca Cancelliere InsideOut

Luca Cancelliere has spent his youth learning and trying out (tech) things, breaking some but always slowing down neighbor's connection. Now, he has 20 years of combined information technology and cybersecurity experience that he made for different companies around Italy in roles that ranges from sys engineer, pentester, system architect to managerial ones like CSO and CIO. Luca has recently founded his cybersecurity firm and now offer professional services and consultancy to business corporations.
Talk: A VDI adventure (from home worker to server admin)

Carola Frediani Cybersecurity Engagement Manager @ Human Rights Organizations

Carola Frediani wrote about privacy, surveillance and cybersecurity for various news outlets. Her latest book is #Cybercrime (Hoepli). Currently she works as Cybersecurity Engagement Manager for an international human rights NGO. Every week she writes an infosec newsletter called Guerre di Rete.

Talk: Backdoor dreaming

Vittorio Mignini InsideOut

Cofounder of the CTF Team PGiatasti, Vittorio started his infosec career with CyberChallenge2019. In the same year he flew to Singapore to represent italy at CDDC2019 with his CTF team. Since 2020 he joined infosec initiatives like CyberChallenge and Olicyber as trainer and starts to work as a pentester freelance for many important corporates such as banks and energy distribution companies.

Talk: A VDI adventure (from home worker to server admin)

Len Noe White Hat @ CyberArk Global SE

Len Noe is a White Hat Hacker and Global Enablement Engineer for CyberArk Software. Together with the CyberArk Global Enablement Engineering team, they are responsible for enabling internal staff and the starting point for escalation for all SEs in the field. They are responsible for the global templates used by all SEs and partners, building new integrations, and use cases for all engineers. Len is an international security speaker has presented in over 20 countries and multiple major security conferences worldwide. Prior to 2001 Len was a Black/Grey Hat Hacker and learned most of his skills by practical application. Len is on the cutting edge of technology though multiple microchip implants allowing him to become the attack vector against mobile and loosely connected devices. Len has spent 20 years in the areas of web development, system engineering / administration, architecture, coding, and the past 6 years focusing on information security from an attackers perspective. He also actively participates in the activities of the Information Security Communities in Texas, the Autism Society, and many others.

Talk: BioHacker: The Invisible Threat

Hany Ragab Ph.D. student @ VUSec Amsterdam

Hany is a Ph.D. candidate at VUSec, the Systems and Network Security Research Group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In his research, he focuses on hardware security, microarchitectural attacks, and fuzzing. Previously Hany worked on CrossTalk, the first cross-core microarchitectural attack.

Talk: Rage Against The Machine Clear

Daniele Ucci Cyber Data Scientist @ aizoOn Technology Consulting

Daniele Ucci is a cyber data scientist and security researcher in the Cyber Security Technology Unit of aizoOn® Technology Consulting. He earned his Ph.D. in Engineering in Computer Science in 2017 at “La Sapienza” University of Rome with a thesis on privacy-preserving mechanisms to share data into collaborative environments.
His research studies and interests are currently focused on advanced machine learning analytics for detecting and classifying malware and threat intelligence.

Talk: Attackers vs AI: how AI detects cyber threats

Antonio Varriale Managing Director @ Blu5 Labs Ltd

Antonio Varriale started his career as a System On Chip HW & SW developer at CSELT. He spent over 5 years in Telecom Italia Lab developing secure mobile platforms and services.
Driven by a huge passion for innovation and creativity Antonio produced several patents in a few years.
After completing a master in Business and Telecommunications he worked as an ICT and Security consultant for European and Asian companies.
He moved to Blu5 View Pte Ltd in Singapore to lead the Research & Development creating a great portfolio of HW/SW platforms including PipeComm® and the xSE™ range of security products.
He has finally joined Blu5 Labs Ltd to head the Maltese company and create new technologies and solutions, including SEcube™, SEdesk™ and SElink™ in reply to the more and more challenging market requirements.

Talk: Hacking Hardware Devices